All About MongoDB NoSQL Database: Advantages and Disadvantages

How MongoDB Works?

MongoDB CRUD Operations

Example of MongoDB Operations

> use demoDB switched to db demoDB > show collections >
> db.createCollection("demoCollection") { "ok" : 1 } >
> db.demoCollection.insertOne({"name":"Dustin","age":19,"city":"New york"}) { "acknowledged" : true, "insertedId" : ObjectId("5d3b3d607d9aaf21ac74a3e4") } >
> db.demoCollection.find().pretty() { "_id" : ObjectId("5d3b3d607d9aaf21ac74a3e4"), "name" : "Dustin", "age" : 19, "city" : "New york" } >
> db.demoCollection.updateOne({"name":"Dustin"}, {$set : {"age":29}}) { "acknowledged" : true, "matchedCount" : 1, "modifiedCount" : 1 } >
> db.demoCollection.find().pretty() { "_id" : ObjectId("5d3b3d607d9aaf21ac74a3e4"), "name" : "Dustin", "age" : 29, "city" : "New york" } >
> db.demoCollection.deleteOne({"name":"Dustin"}) {"acknowledged" : true, "deletedCount" : 1 } > db.demoCollection.find().pretty() >
> db.demoCollection.drop() true >
> show collections >

Important Terms in MongoDB

  • Document: A document is a record in MongoDB where data is stored in key-value pairs.
  • Collection: A collection is a group of documents.
  • Database: A database is where all the collections are present.
  • Key-value pairs: Data in MongoDB is stored in JSON format. JSON stores data in key-value pairs.
  • JSON: It is a data-interchange format we use in MongoDB to store data.
  • BSON: BSON is extended JSON which supports a variety of data types.
  • _id: _id is a field auto-generated whenever a document is created. The value of _id is unique.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MongoDB

Advantages of MongoDB

  • MongoDB is a schema-less NoSQL database. We do not need to design the schema of the database when we are using MongoDB. This saves a lot of time. Thus, the code we write defines the schema.
  • No complex joins are needed in MongoDB. There is no relationship among data in MongoDB.
  • MongoDB is easy to scale.
  • It is very easy to set-up and install MongoDB.
  • The document query language supported by MongoDB is very simple as compared to SQL queries.
  • Because the MongoDB uses JSON format to store data, it is very easy to store arrays and objects.
  • MongoDB is free to use. There is no cost for it.
  • Performance of MongoDB is much higher than compared to any relational database.
  • There is no need for mapping of application objects to database objects in MongoDB.
  • MongoDB uses internal memory for storage which enables faster access to the data.

Disadvantages of MongoDB

  • MongoDB uses high memory for data storage.
  • There is a limit for document size, i.e. 16mb.
  • There is no transaction support in MongoDB.

MongoDB vs RDBMS

  • In RDBMS, We need to create tables, schemas, and relations first. But in MongoDB, there is no need for such tables, schema, and relations.
  • To join two tables, In RDBMS, we have to use joins which are a bit complex. But in MongoDB, there are no joins. We can change the structure of the document in such a way that the other document can be embedded inside the other.
  • We need to set the primary key of every table in RDBMS. MongoDB provides an _id field which is created itself with every document and it acts as the primary key.
  • Setting up a relational database is not easy while setting up MongoDB is very simple.
  • RDBMS is not suitable for hierarchical data storage while MongoDB is best for it.
  • RDBMS is slower as compared to NoSQL databases. MongoDB is 100 times faster than RDBMS.




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Acodez IT Solutions

Acodez is one of the leading digital marketing agency in India. We are also a renowned web design and web development company. Visit:

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