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Today, Instagram has become the sweetheart for marketers. Close to 15% of the world’s population have at least an account on it and the majority are brand followers.

Studies show that the engagement rate, which is measured in terms of likes, comments, and shares by consumers is way ahead compared with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Nevertheless, despite this impressive topline competitive edge, there are emerging challenges to its marketing power dimming due to competition from newer rivals like TikTok.

To respond to the backdrop, marketers are looking for ways to boost Instagram engagement. That’s the reason we’re putting together some of the best hacks to earn more followers on Instagram — to safeguard your marketing techniques on Instagram. They include:

A superb Instagram bio is a great way of broadcasting yourself. Learn to attract your audience and establish a solid relationship with your followers.

Also, it’s a great chance of inserting links to your other channels/websites/accounts and redirecting your visitors to them. Try it today, give your visitors a fine user experience by composing a cool Instagram bio. Entice them into following your Instagram account.

Additionally, a cool Instagram Bio is a perfect place for advertising your top hashtags. So invest in making your bio the best to create a wild following.

Perhaps the fastest and most renowned tactic for increasing Instagram followers. A giveaway is a gift so basically, the whole idea is to offer a certain prize for free in exchange for either a like, comment or share on Instagram.

Doing it properly will earn you a big advantage on the brand establishment, loyalty-building, and ultimately, allow you to reach a larger audience of your products/services. Benefits of Instagram giveaways are:

  • Charming more following
  • Enticing your current followers and prospects
  • Building a stronger bond with your current audience
  • Teasing an upcoming product
  • Prompting your followers to like, comment, share, and/or submit user-generated content

To run a successful giveaway, you must plan and have a proper understanding of what needs to be accomplished. You can borrow services from different tools like Woorise to assist you in organizing and tracking the giveaways.

With these tools, you can easily view the entrants on a dashboard and also add several social actions like requesting your fans to follow and engage you in your other different social media profiles.

In recent years, Instagram marketing has become so competitive that people and brands are buying followers to stay ahead of their rivals.

But you need to understand that increasing your follower base doesn’t translate to increased sales. Registering high engagement rates and earning follower loyalty on your side is more important than mere numbers.

You can find organic followers through rightful channels as they (organic followers) are more likely to be attracted to your bio and content and it’s hard to lose their support.

The reason why purchasing Instagram followers is discouraged is that you’re prone to buying fake followers who would significantly reduce your engagement rates after some time.

Your brand reputation will as well get damaged when it will be known that your following is fake. Besides, buying Instagram following is prohibited; it can get you barred from using Instagram, so why should you buy?

After you’ve been warned against buying followers on Instagram, you should consider getting organic ones. Marketing on social media regardless of its type involves focusing on potential prospects and establishing sales funnels.

So you must understand your audience who have high chances of buying from you. Should you feel that your followers are somewhat “insufficient”, maybe you’re focusing on the wrong people, simply refrain from reaching out to them.

Consider sorting your potential followers according to their age, profession, gender, and other attributes. Afterward, concentrate on what they are interested in and connect their marketing strategies properly. Always abide by the cliché “getting a small number of real friends is better than having a whole circle of fake ones.”

The acronym SMART here stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. For instance, focus your efforts on a particular number of followers, level of engagement rates, and certain leads among others.

Setting SMART goes is as simple as setting clear goals and focusing on achieving them. Establishing a brand identity on Instagram requires setting SMART goals and metrics to understand what needs to be done.

If truly you understand what you are seeking, you will not waste time and money unnecessarily. Having a set of smart goals will compile your activities and will assist you in attracting more followers.

Defining your goals assists you in analyzing your performance, figuring out your strengths and opportunities, and understanding your weaknesses and threats.

If you have a “shallow” following, so to speak, the only option is to create catchy content. Make your followers believe you’re a thoughtful guy. Encourage your fans into following all your posts.

Share peculiar and educating content so that they can love your upcoming work. In the content, including the latest trends like you’re the source. For instance, we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic so tell your fans about the impacts of Covid-19 on the industry and how it’s affecting brands.

Invest in visualization; use Instagram features like Story, Live, Reels, Feed Posts, and IGTV to share helpful information. Using video marketing accurately will earn you more following.

Take advantage of these features and harness the best out of them. Add some bit of fun in your posts. Recall that a bigger percentage of Instagramers are young people; entertain them to keep them glued to your account.

This simply tells you to be smart, learn what the best time to post your content is. Since you’re seeking more followers, try putting your posts before the eyes of many onlookers.

Recall that users follow quite a good number of accounts and their news feeds are filled with hundreds if not thousands of posts. To increase your chances of exposing your content by posting it at the most appropriate time. Determine the exact time(s) when your audience is online.

This will earn you impressive engagement rates from your existing followers, and it will improve the visibility of your content on explore page(s).

The most appropriate time to post could depend on the kind of industry, current situations, and region. For instance, the globe is fighting Covid-19 and people are working from home.

There is the increased usage of social media and there are of course peak hours. Besides, you can use Instagram automation tools to assist you in scheduling what times to post on Instagram.

Generating such content should be based on a particular theme and in a consistent fashion. This is done by defining a proper Instagram feed theme to attract visitors and prompt them to follow your bio — your feed appears attractive encouraging visitors to view your profile and follow your account.

Remember that the theme should be aligned with your niche. For instance, if you’re dealing with foodstuffs, make them appear yummy and delicious as much as you can. With that kind of feed theme, visitors can easily recognize your specific niche, get attracted, and follow you.

Besides using existing hashtags, you can create and market your own. These can be particularly associated with your brand or specific campaign.

Brand-particular hashtags are a great way of boosting your presence on Instagram and promoting your campaigns. You won created hashtags that can be used by your followers on their Instagram profiles earning you publicity and allowing you to reach a huge amount of audience.

Also, this will grant you the opportunity for being followed by a large number of people.

Social media promoter/influencer marketing is a powerful method to boost brand awareness and reaching out to a bigger audience.

Influencers are characterized by a large following and massive endorsements that can assist you to get new followers. Collaborating with such promoters can help you reach out to a wider audience and reap big in terms of getting more enthusiasts.

And it’s not only influencers who can make money with affiliate marketing. There are multiple services to help you add affiliate functionality to your website, no matter what CMS you are using.

This is meant to keep track of what the audience says about your brand. Of course, if you want to stay relevant to your fans and get more followers, you need to know what their opinions about you are.

Their feedback, whether positive or negative will guide you on what to do. Additionally, use Live videos to get more feedback from your fans (the number of likes and comments that you earn during the session) and respond accordingly.

Currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social media with over 1 billion users globally. For that reason, it’s an important way of reaching out to a wider audience which translates to a bigger fan base and better brand awareness.

Nevertheless, gaining more followers requires a lot of patience hence you should refrain from pushing too hard to be there in a short moment, or you will face shocking outcomes.

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