Statistical Guide on Cybersecurity Skills Gap & How to Close it

Why the Skills Gap?

Cybersecurity Skills Gap Across the Globe

  • Approximately 65 percent of companies report a shortage of cyber-security professionals: 36 percent of these organizations cited insufficiency of skills/expertise among some of their staff members.
  • About 66 percent of the respondents showed satisfaction (37 percent) and dissatisfaction (29 percent) in their career; over 65 percent of these individuals are willing to work in this industry for their whole service time.
  • Approximately 30 percent of the cyber-security professionals are females and 23 percent of them own security-specific portfolios.
  • About 37 percent are under 35 years of age and 5 percent are classified as Generation Z which falls below the age of 25.
  • Approximately 48 percent of companies believe that their training budgets for cyber-security professionals are set to rise in the future.
  • In North America, a cyber-security professional earns an average salary of $90,000; a cyber-security certification holder earns $93,000 whereas professionals without the certification pocket an average salary of $76,500.
  • Currently, about 59 percent of cyber-security professionals are undergoing modern security certifications or are planning to pursue it soon.
  • Only 42 percent of the interviewees indicated they began their professions in the cyber-security industry, implying the remaining 58 percent shifted to the industry from other professions.

Cybersecurity Job Vacancies

  • Cybersecurity Ventures reports that by 2021, the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs will hit 3.5 million, and out of this, the Asia-Pac region and Europe will account for over 2 million and 400,000 vacancies respectively.
  • According to Cyber Seek, the number of employed cybersecurity professionals in the United States is about 715,000 and the country has a total of 314,000 vacancies.
  • Cybersecurity is not just the only industry experiencing a labor crunch, although it is regarded as one of the most hit industries among the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professions. In 2018, STEM industries across the United States experienced acute vacancies of over 4 million. Fortunately, by 2027, STEM jobs are expected to grow by 13% in comparison to 9% for other professions.

International Statistics

  • In 2017 and 2018, India was leading for its tremendous cyber-security job vacancies followed by European countries such as Sweden, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Italy. A study by NASSCOM reveals that India, the second-most populous country in the world currently requires over 1 million cyber-security pundits to meet her economic demands.
  • Findings by the EY Survey show that the shortage of cyber-security skills across European countries is declining the growth of companies and ultimately damaging the economy of the entire region. Cyber-security skills that stand at 48% of all digital skills have been identified as a significant hurdle to the continent’s economy.
  • There is a high rate of cyber-security skills gap increase rate in the Republic of Ireland. The country is experiencing a high growth rate of demands, particularly in cyber-security roles. It’s been reported that Ireland is unable to sustain the 18% demand increase.
  • The United Kingdom is facing a vast cyber-security job crisis. This is according to a parliamentary inquiry conducted recently. The survey showed that even the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is the government institution authorized to offer cybersecurity support to the government is lacking the expertise it requires.
  • Ironically, Israel which is regarded as the second-largest exporter of cyber-technology in the world and among the top ten largest cyber-security hubs, in 2019, was facing a shortage of cyber-security jobs, is a significant problem the industry is experiencing at present. The shortage has caused local salaries for cyber-technology jobs to rise, compelling organizations to outsource workers from foreign countries.
  • South Africa’s largest financial institution, the ABSA group has partnered with Maharishi Institution in a bid to establish a cyber-security training academy. This program shows that the cybersecurity industry in the region is at stake and people require empowerment.
  • Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa is facing an acute shortage of cybersecurity professionals. In 2018, only 1,800 workers owned cyber-security certification in the country. Consequently, Microsoft demanded the country to create a safer online community.
  • A survey conducted by a Deloitte firm showed a shortage of skills across Canada. Significant roles are left unoccupied and it is anticipated firms in the country will require close to 8000 extra cyber-security experts by 2021.
  • Cisco Networking Academy is assisting to empower cybersecurity personnel in marginalized countries. For instance, Cisco has collaborated with 1550 institutions and 3,800 trainers to train cyber-security professionals in Latin America. In 2018, the partnership saw over 1.6 million graduands complete the course.




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Acodez IT Solutions

Acodez is one of the leading digital marketing agency in India. We are also a renowned web design and web development company. Visit:

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